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The Village Hidden in Concrete RP
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~An AU Naruto RP~

Welcome to Village Hidden in the Concrete, an Alternate Universe Natruto RP, where the characters of Naruto live as people in our world. Some will be students, some will be business owners, doctors, or lawyers: it's all up to you.

The city of Konoha is large and bustling with activity. One can run into all types of people here, whether you want to or not. With a college campus and high school located within the city, the young minds of the city are smart and cunning. Watch yourself with some of them, but then again, you may need to be wary of the adults in the city.

Your character's age and status (and future relationships) in this city lie in your hands.

The rules of the game are simple but necessary:

  • Be respectful of others. Keep in mind that there are others in the game that may or may not have different opinions. Keep an open mind while playing and don't start drama.

  • Stay in-character. No one is perfect and since this is an AU, some quirks are allowed. But try to keep as close to canon personality as possible.

  • No god-modding/metagaming/breaking the fourth-wall. Your character can only know so much and they are not all-powerful. Give your character depth, weakness, and don't put words in another characters' mouth.

  • Please update at least once every 3 weeks. Just so we know you're alive. After 3 weeks, you will receive a warning and if no activity continues, your character will become open again. If you know that you will be gone for longer than 3 weeks, then please post a notice on the main comm or contact a mod.

Here are some useful links:

streetscape_rp - main comm for ooc notes and announcements.
streetscape_log - record character interaction here.
concrete_mods - Mod Account


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