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The Village Hidden in Concrete RP
Real Life (Is a Pain) 
27th-Sep-2009 09:14 pm
Just to let everyone whom I'm threading with, I'm not dead and I'm not leaving the board. Things have been a little hectic around here in the last few weeks. Firstly after taking in my 7 month old kitten in to have her echocardiogram to find out if her heart murmur was serious or not, she came down with an upper respertory infection. Luckily enough, I found out it’s a level 2 flow murmur. Which isn’t fatal, it’s just seemed to have stunted her growth. She’s about the size of a four month old kitten about now. So getting her infection taken care of, and having to take her in for a blood pressure reading didn’t seem too terrible.

But then my 17 week old Rottweiler pup came down with severe bronchial pneumonia. That hit me pretty hard emotionally as well as the pocket book and took up what little spare time I have. He had to spend the night in the hospital with a catheter and IV. And I’ve been having to give him breathing treatments three times a day since, which also includes gently hitting all sides of his lung cavities to help loosen up the sickness inside, along with administering medication and vitamins. I took him to his second follow up appointment today, and while he’s almost better… he’s not quite there yet. I have to continue his treatments for at least another week or so. Hopefully after that he’ll be good as new, and I’ll be able to start threading a little more frequently.

I hope you all can forgive me for my absence, it’s really been a hard few weeks for me but Sasuke will be back soon I promise ^^;;
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