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The Village Hidden in Concrete RP
Recent Entries 
29th-Oct-2009 09:51 pm - Closing.
I've seen that it's very inactive and that nobody seem to want to play much anymore. I'm not sure if anyone is reading this now but:

Thanks for sticking around as long as you all did and for the fun. Good luck in your new RPs if you moved on!

I'm going to be closing it down, and removing most of posts so that I can attempt to bring it back at a later date, but managed better.

Thank you everyone! Bye!
30th-Sep-2009 01:26 pm - I'm not dead, but...
I am leaving. Over a month - almost two - has passed since I dropped off the face of the earth. I apologize for not at least putting myself on hiatus - 'next week, I'll be able to rp, next week,' and time flew by. And so, instead of hogging Hinata any longer without playing, I'd like to officially withdrawl from the game.

Really, I'm surprised I wasn't kicked out before this. 

So, thank you everyone for the great time I had here at Streetscape!  Keep the game rollin', 'kay? :D
27th-Sep-2009 09:14 pm - Real Life (Is a Pain)
Just to let everyone whom I'm threading with, I'm not dead and I'm not leaving the board. Things have been a little hectic around here in the last few weeks. Firstly after taking in my 7 month old kitten in to have her echocardiogram to find out if her heart murmur was serious or not, she came down with an upper respertory infection. Luckily enough, I found out it’s a level 2 flow murmur. Which isn’t fatal, it’s just seemed to have stunted her growth. She’s about the size of a four month old kitten about now. So getting her infection taken care of, and having to take her in for a blood pressure reading didn’t seem too terrible.

But then my 17 week old Rottweiler pup came down with severe bronchial pneumonia. That hit me pretty hard emotionally as well as the pocket book and took up what little spare time I have. He had to spend the night in the hospital with a catheter and IV. And I’ve been having to give him breathing treatments three times a day since, which also includes gently hitting all sides of his lung cavities to help loosen up the sickness inside, along with administering medication and vitamins. I took him to his second follow up appointment today, and while he’s almost better… he’s not quite there yet. I have to continue his treatments for at least another week or so. Hopefully after that he’ll be good as new, and I’ll be able to start threading a little more frequently.

I hope you all can forgive me for my absence, it’s really been a hard few weeks for me but Sasuke will be back soon I promise ^^;;
2nd-Sep-2009 11:22 pm - Bye bye

In case nobody had noticed, I'm not really invested in this comm. sorry, I wish I could have modded better. Looks like those of you who care to play are still doing well though, and I'm not worried that you'll have to stop with one less mod around.

So please remove this journal from your friends.

Sorry Ino-mun, for ditching on you. <3

Have fun guys.
9th-Aug-2009 03:11 pm - Drop?
Hay thar bb
Hey all, it's your Sakura here.

Sorry guys. I've been inactive for months because I hit a lifeblock in the form of a person. But because I'm so inactive and I've missed so much, do you think it would be better if I just dropped? Just let me know.

I just wanted to apologize for not replying, posting, or commenting about anything the other players have posted. Sorry D:
2nd-Aug-2009 12:29 pm - Activity Check!
Activity Check!
Hi everyone! Your friendly, neighbourhood mods here with an activity check! Everyone is required to comment to this post, so we can strike off your name. If you are on a hiatus or will be going on one soon, please let us know (if you’ve already commented on your journal, don’t worry about it).

You will be given a week and a half to comment to this before you are alerted with a warning. After one week with no reply, then you will be removed from the community and your character’s availability will be reopened.

Again, if you are on hiatus, don’t worry.

Please Click to View Character Names!Collapse )

We’d also like for everyone to check out the following places:

- The AMAZING How’s My Driving post! It’s a requirement for all players to comment there, but it does have its benefits! :D Please everyone make sure you are on it, and try to leave some comments for everyone!

- The Great PB Poll :
Although many of you have voted and we were going to close it ages ago, it’s been stuck in a tie. So any new players (*cough*Tayuya*cough) can feel free to vote.

-Just a little reminder about something we’ve noticed recently… Please remember not to focus entirely on pairings. Playing out and developing a relationship between characters can be fun, but that is not the sole purpose of playing here. - branch out! ^^ The city is full of fun characters to interact with, and lots of opportunity for plots!

If there are any questions for the mods concerning any item mentioned above, please don't hesitate to ping any one of us! We are happy to answer them and don't worry- we won't bite. :3
22nd-Jul-2009 06:06 pm - Vacation! (Edited)
Just letting everyone know that I'm going to be on vacation in California til around the first week of August and I won't have access to the internet, so I'll see everyone when I come back! ^^


Hey guys, back in town from California but still "technically" on hiatus. My best friend and I purchased a house over vacation, and we're in the process of moving. Have to be out of my apartment by the 15th, joy. So on that note, I'm alive and I'm around I'll just be uber slow until I'm finished getting into the new house.

21st-Jul-2009 12:35 pm - Introductions...
Hi, I'm Okuyukashii.  Or you can call me Oku (neither of which is my real name...)
I'll be Tayuya for the Concrete RP.  You can email me at okuyukashii@hotmail.com
Talk to me!  I only bite a little ;)
29th-Jun-2009 10:34 pm - Intro~
pizzicato // peaceful
Hello~ I'm Ariel and I'm going to be your Konan for the duration of this ride |3 Don't be afraid to ping me on AIM or MSN if you want to talk :D

AIM: delicatepapersky
MSN: delicatepaperbird@gmail.com
16th-Jun-2009 11:54 pm - How's My Driving
It's time.

So this is going to be a post that will follow a 'How's my driving' sort of format. It's purpose is to provide anonymous constructive criticism and complements to the player for their characterization. This is required for all players, so please read the following rules and participateCollapse )

*Reply to this post with your character journal, sit back and wait. :)

Edit:// Finally fixed that posting problem. Anonymous comments are allowed finally. Sorry about the delay!
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